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Principal / Manufacturer : ROTORK (Specifically for Malaysia's Water Sector)

Principal’s Brief Information:

ROTORK is the world’s leading manufacturer of Electric, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Valve Actuators and associated Control Systems, Valve Gearboxes & Valve Accessories. It is headquartered at Bath, United Kingdom and has branches / representative offices at over 28 locations worldwide.

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Electrical Actuators

IQ Range

IQT Range

A & AWT Range

NA Range

Q Range

ROM Range

ROMpak Range
Fluid Power Actuators

CP Range

RC Range

RH Range

GP/GH Range

GO Range

Skilmatic Range

P/H Range

Subsea Range

LP/LH Range

SVM Range

DH Range

PHW Range
Process Control Actuators

CVA Range

GPSA Range

MV-1000/VA-1000 Range

MV-1500 Range

SM-1000 Range

SM-1100/SM-1500 Range

SM-1700 Range

SM-5000 Range

SM-6000 Range

LA-2400 Range

LA-2500 Range

IW Range Quadrant Wormgear Valve Operator

IB Series Gear

IS Series Gear

IB/AS Series Gear

MTW Series Worm Gearbox

MOW Series Gear

ILGS Series Gearbox

ILGD Series Gearbox

300 Series Gearbox

232 Series Gearbox

AB Range Gearbox

HOB Range Bevel Gear

WGS Range Worm Gearbox

RAB Series Gearbox

DSB Series Multi-Turn Bevel Gearbox

Dual Speed Input Reducer Gearbox

Twin Input (Bevel & Spur) Gearbox
Valve Accessories

Spring Return Handle

SS Spring Return Handle

Spool & Pedestal

Lever Arm

Mounting Kit

Extension Spindle

Hand Wheel

Chain Wheel

Switch Box

Switch Box

Switch Box

Locking Device