ECJ SOLUTIONS SDN BHD is a company incorporated in Malaysia where our businesses are focused in four main sectors – WATER, OIL & GAS, CONSTRUCTION & STEEL. Our policy of conducting businesses has always been:


In the WATER sector, ECJ SOLUTIONS is primary involved with:

  • Supply, Install, Test & Commission Actuators - pneumatic / hydraulic / electric type.
  • Construction of Pump Houses - civil & building works complete with pumps, associated mechanical works such piping, related electrical components such as control panels / junction boxes / distribution boards including various instrumentations (metering / monitoring / process instruments).
  • Irrigation & Flood Control / Monitoring Systems - flood prevention / control dams and gates, irrigation schemes such as water ducts, agriculture channels & monitoring systems such as SCADA, sensors and alarm mechanisms.
  • Water Treatment Facilities - sewage / waste / drinking water facilities.

ECJ SOLUTIONS provides various types of telecommunication related services to the OIL & GAS sector including installation & maintenance works (corrective, preventive and periodic). We are also supplier of quality and advanced telecommunication systems, components and parts to this sector. Through our affiliation / dealership status / agency rights from various manufacturers and distributors, we are also able to provide telecommunication, electrical, power, instrumentation and mechanical consumables to our customers in this area.

As for the construction sector, amongst other ECJ SOLUTIONS functions as Project Management Consultant, Contractor, Design & Engineering Professional for building, factory, industrial plant, factory, road work, bridges, highway and various infrastructure projects.

ECJ SOLUTIONS firmly believes that the steel sector has and will always form the backbone to all type of development projects and industries. Thus, we have and are still increasing our portfolio of resources as well as capabilities to undertake relevant scopes of work for this sector. ECJ SOLUTIONS is proud to state that it has the capability to provide “end to end” solutions for all our customers for this sector, if required to do so. Our capability stretches from basic design services, detailed engineering solutions, fabrication & installation undertakings, right up to projects requiring Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning (EPCC) capabilities.